Advertising and Marketing

Address: 65 Nassau Street
New York NY
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Digital Marketing. Crafting innovative marketing solutions for solopreneurs and small businesses. CMO (Chief Marketing Outsource)
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There is no need for your business to have less-than-great marketing. It does not have to be expensive. In fact you can do much of it yourself. I can help you.

CMO is designed to do great work, and then teach small businesses and solopreneurs to do their own great work. We might use that tired old phrase “teach me to fish,” and leave it at that. Sure we can build wonderful websites, and podcasts and marketing assets. More than happy to do that for you. But you may want to learn how to do that yourself. Great. Ready to help you with that too.

Marketing should be something that you are proud of. Excited about. We’ll help you get there.

Web Design. Content Marketing (Audio, Video, Written), Social Media.

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Advance Vox Direct
Address: 420 Chestnut Street Brooklyn
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Advance VoxDirect is a managed SMS service that does SMS marketing for its clients. We do this by starting conversations and stimulating engagement using text messages to drive revenue into our clients businesses. We also offer business phone systems and voice over IP software that allows you to no longer be tied to your desk and instead have more real-time communication.
Long Business Description:

At Advance VoxDirect, our specialty is in the strategy and application of SMS marketing by understanding the best practice and optimal way to use text messages to make your business more profitable, more professional, but always personal.

We help you navigate through the legal requirements in order to begin utilizing SMS marketing to Market to the masses and compete with corporate giants, at scale.

We want to equip business owners and small businesses with the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently to the people who want to talk to them via their cell phone and facilitate more real-time communication in the form of text messages, which are immediate, direct and exceptionally powerful at driving results.

We manage campaigns for our clients while still taking meetings with them to ensure that we are protecting the Cadence voice of that business.

We provide done-for-you service but also provide the opportunity for you to do it yourself should you feel so inclined, allowing you to purchase our software for yourself and your business.

If you are tired of being tied to your desk, if you have more than one cell phone, if you’re tired of using your personal phone number for business, or if you run your business through your phone, you should talk to us about how to optimize the effectiveness of that in a free consultation call.

Additionally, if you are looking for management of multiple phone numbers and marketing campaigns, we would be happy to analyze what would be optimal for your success.

Finally, in closing for this description it is important to emphasize our expertise in how to make mobile marketing effective at driving ROI into your business.

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Optimum Design & Consulting
Address: 246 West 38th Street #1103 New York, NY
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Lara founded Optimum Design & Consulting in 1992 after completing a B.S. in Graphic Communications Management and Technology at New York University.
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Lara has been an active member of the Graphic Artists Guild since 1992, has been on the National Board since 1998, and is currently National President. She has also been a member of the New York Chapter of the National Association of Woman Business Owners (NAWBO-NYC) since 1992, including Chapter President from 2004 to 2005, and she currently sits on the Board as a non-voting advisor. Lara has won multiple awards for her volunteer work from both entities.

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The Littlefield Company
Address: 3144 Cullman Ave.
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We tell under-told stories by delivering scalable content for purpose-driven companies.
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Videography & Photography Content Strategy, Creation, Production, and Post-Production – The Littlefield Company’s process is to lean into a company’s story, which not only makes us industry agnostic but allows us an incredible opportunity to develop trust with their customer base. This plan gives us an immense opportunity to support clients for the long term of our partnership. We spend so much time with them; they feel like they have an in-house team member who knows their brand that proves the value for us and the partner in the long run as they know that their story is being told through their voice. Our process is extensive on the front end to create efficient execution and implementation on the backend.

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