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Great people, smart thinking, innovative content. Get to know your fellow ITTR members by listening to the many podcasts (and even broadcast radio shows!) created each week by our group. Below find podcasts, radio shows, even a radio station or two for you to explore. Reach out to the host to get some of your 15 minutes of fame as a guest.


Not to be missed. Fun and informative! Luke Van Every interviews the people behind the business on this audio and video pod.

Katrina Murphy Mind Design The Podcast

Triggers. The Inner Critic. Responsibility. Fear of Failure. Katrina tackles the tough subjects on her explorational podcast.

Burn the Ship Podcast

We give self-starters a platform to share the story of their journey towards entrepreneurial success with no option of turning back.


Daily Dose of Power

Welcome to PowerTies Consulting Group. Keith Tully shares his thoughts on life and business hacks that really work!



Biz Gone Social Podcast Lorraine Duncan

We help entrepreneurs get known, get customers and get the edge over their competition. Don’t you want to be the Biz everyone is talking about!


The Bee's Knees Podcast

If knee surgery recovery is of interest, then this 4-year-old pod is for you. PJ interviews medical professionals & knee patients.


Are you an overwhelmed entrepreneur thinking of the four letter word: Q.U.I.T? Well, we’re here to tell you how to keep it simple and keep it movin’! Host: Vanessa Zamy.


On The World According to Mark, I interview guests on a variety of governmental, legal and social issues affecting the US and the world. Host: Mark Lieberman.

Lester the Nightfly

Not business-oriented. Fun-oriented. A weekly radio show, Lester the Nightfly. You never know what you’re gonna get. On 30+ radio stations & a podcast. Host: PJ Ewing.


We are a Live Podcasting Station whose mission is to Empower, Inspire, Uplift and Educate our worldwide audience.


Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting, Linkedin Live: Fix what is not working – interviews with brilliant people, with Amanda Russo.

Ryan Business Stories

Interesting stories from today’s franchisors and entrepreneurs. A stimulating podcast hosted by Ryan Arcoraci.

The Bacon Podcast

Have you ever been confused about how to get found on the internet or internet marketing? Answers here.

Perfectly Imperfect

The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast is women who want to redefine success, rediscover their strengths & reconnect to their worthiness.



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