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Sindy Marvin | LegalShield
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Sindy Marvin has been providing educational services to families and businesses for the last 30 years.
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Sindy has been providing educational services to families and businesses for the last 30 years. She started her professional background as a Speech Pathologist working with neurologically impaired children. She progressed into the pharmaceutical industry where she worked with physicians educating them about products to treat adults with neurological disorders and much more.

With her passion to educate, Sindy continues to assist people through her LegalShield business. She teaches families and business owners to recognize what constitutes legal and identity theft issues. Once a need is identified, she is able to provide affordable access to legal and privacy management services. It is her life’s passion to provide services to people which assist them in navigating the challenges and road blocks that life throws their way.

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404 401-9189
Address: 1st Floor, 85 Great Portland Street,
London, England
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Our unparalleled suite of technical security services and training enable organisations to adapt to change and stay secure.
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We offer a suite of technical services to help you identify, assess and ultimately mitigate cyber risk. provides:

Ethical hacking – we simulate the bad guys and try to break into your networks and/or websites, then show you where the weak points are so you can fix them


We perform an automated scan of your external and/or internal networks to identify the potential ways a hacker might get in


We simulate the bad guys and send phishing emails to your staff to test levels of user awareness


We test how resilient your staff’s passwords are to compromise and provide guidance on how to further secure your passwords


We identify if vulnerabilities exist in your laptop images that are provided to new staff and/or whether your firewalls are configured securely. We’re in security to prevent insecurity

We also provide both technical and awareness-based training and our trainers teach at some of the world’s most prestigious security conferences:

– Hacking Enterprises (technical, hands-on penetration testing training)
– Defending Enterprises (technical, hands-on threat hunting training for IT defenders/SOC analysts)
– FREE Cyber Awareness for Management (periodically scheduled on our site)

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+44 333 210 1337