Esther Russell, MA, is an intuitive coach, energy healer, international trainer, executive educator, writer, and cognitive alchemist. She has traveled the globe supporting individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses to align with their highest self, or collective self, as read from The Book of Life, or energetic Akashic Field. With the understanding that everything in the Universe is energy, this innovative and powerful methodology unlocks new channels of information and clears limiting thought constructs. By accessing your deep creative flow state and higher states of consciousness, you are privy to solve complex problems, initiate clearer decision making, and open the door to infinite possibilities in all realms of experience. When Esther's not reading from The Book of Life, she is writing romantic comedy screenplays or making people laugh. She is a mother of five children and so far, a grandmother of one, which is her greatest source of amusement and joy!