Born and raised in New York, and the founder and CEO of Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting, LLC industry-agnostic business operations consulting firm, and a notable true solutionist. I have spent most of my career solving the “how" of what my clients do, for them to effectively carry out the "what" of what they do well. I pride myself on being resourceful, a great collaborator, and an asset to any solution-based team in my field.My goal is to help as many companies reach their goals of efficiency with exceptional customer experience. I uniquely customize solutions to address the client’s specific needs, providing both strategy and implementation...a quality my clients appreciate and is why they love to work with me.As an operational professional, I have had the privilege of working with decision-makers in businesses of every size both domestically and internationally. I founded this company with the vision to be the premier business coach working with clients to resolve pressing business operations issues.​Friends and colleagues will tell you" she was always drawn to problem-solving, but notably, problem-solving for me really began in early 2000 on a trading floor of a small broker-dealer. Although manual processes were common, and technology was only beginning to show up as a necessity in corporate America, I naturally gravitated to the problems and looked for ways to solve them."Since then, I have worked both privately and now as a consultant for companies all over the world with complex issues that held them back from reaching their goals.