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My passion is designing portfolios worthy of those I serve. I work with people who may have started on Railroad Avenue but have made it to any street they want to live on, from Butterfield Lane to Park Avenue.
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People who are willing to live their dreams and not willing to buy into negativity! People who believe that relationships built on trust with an expert opens opportunities to greater potential wealth and stability now… through legacy.

People who believe

• If you want something, go get it!
• If you don’t want it, leave it alone!
• If you don’t want to work for it, stop complaining!
• People who want to win!!

People who expect 110% from those around them!

Myself, strategic partners and my team of specialists from my Operations area, work from where you are at with your needs, wants and dreams in the forefront of your portfolio design and decision making. I’m not afraid to talk about risk. Many advisors shy away so as not to scare you. What should scare you is NOT talking about it.

It is a pleasure to meet you here. Looking forward to speaking with you directly.

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9 Colony Drive
Monroe, NY
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  • Scott Lask Wealth Management Group

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